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Each spring a number of Miniature Hereford calves are born at Sunset Ranch. These calves need to be named prior to registration with the Canadian Hereford Association.


Each Calf’s name will be prefixed by the registered ranch name (Sunset) followed by the name of the Sire, and be suffixed with the Calf’s tattoo sequential number and year letter.

Ie:  ‘Sunset Brandell’s Leap 6L’.

Sunset is the Ranch Name

Brandell is the Calf’s sire

Leap is the Calf name, and

6L indicates the 6th Calf born at Sunset Ranch in 2001.





The Canadian Hereford Association requires that the entire name (prefix, sire, name, and suffix) not be longer than 30 letters including spaces. That leaves the actual Calf name of not longer than 10 letters. In addition, the calf may not be named after royalty or head of government. The CHA also require that the name correspond to the sex of the Calf.


I would like to start the practice of the first letter of the Calf’s name to correspond to the tattoo year letter. So that means the name of calves born in the year;

2002 will start with the letter ‘M’,

2003 will start with the letter ‘N’,

2004 will start with the letter ‘P’,






If your name is used, Sunset Ranch will forward a copy of the Calf’s registration, its pictures of the Calf and a letter describing the Calf. In addition you are welcome to visit the calf you named at Sunset Ranch.




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Beef Cattle Terminology;

                  Bull:      ‘Intact’ male cattle of any age.

      Calf/Calves:      Cattle of either sex one year of age or less.

   Conformation:      the form of an animal ie; structure, shape and muscling.

                Cow:      Female cattle that have had at least one Calf.

              Heifer:      Female cattle that have not yet had a Calf.

              Polled:      Cattle that are born without horns.

              Steers:      Male cattle that have been castrated.

         Weanling:      A Calf that has been separated from its mother (usually about 6 months of age) to teach it to eat and drink on its own.


Did you know?

·                    There are two main breeds of cattle. Those raised for beef and those raised for milk.

·                    Cattle have grinding teeth at the back of both jaws, but no teeth on the upper front jaw. The tongue will gather the grass together and it is chewed off with the lower front teeth. The rear grinders chew it only enough to moisten it before swallowing it.

·                    The grass is swallowed to the first two, of the animals four, stomachs. Cattle will regurgitate the food later to chew it thoroughly. This regurgitated food is call “cud”. Cattle will spend approximately eight hours a day chewing their cud.

·                    A cow’s udder contains four quarters and as much as 114 Liters (25 gallons) of blood will pass through the udder each hour which can contain as much as 23 Kgs (50 pounds) of milk

·                    In horned cattle both bulls and cows are horned. Cattle who are born without horns are called “polled”

·                    There is no singular for the word ‘cattle’.